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Our Process


At ZeroPoint Technologies, we believe "service" is our calling and conduct business as such.


When we enter into a relationship with another business, we know there is more to it than finding out of what the business needs are or what can afforded.  It is also more than a business adjusting its structure or processes to accommodate a generic, “one-size-fits-all” approach.  (In web-based solutions, this means buying a ‘template’ and filling out the designated blocks.)  At ZeroPoint Technologies, we build solutions one at a time, based on your business.  To do this, we have to begin a real relationship.


Our Process begins with your inquiry and initial discussion(s).  Then, once we believe we know what you are looking for, we will determine, first, if we can help you.


That’s right, what we offer may not be what you need, and we will tell you that.  Instead of selling you something you do not need, we will exercise our integrity by NOT selling you something for the sake of making a sale.


Once we have determined we can help you, however, we begin the consulting phase.


We will spend at least 15 hours with you to determine where your greatest needs lie by looking at your business as a whole.  With your input and working  together, we will determine what is working, what is not, and where your “pain points” are.  Then, we will begin to develop, based on your needs, a customized, tailor-made solution that is specific to your business!


The real value of Our Relationship is that as we go through this process with you:  Step for Step.  You will be taught how to use this solution and we will walk you through an implementation plan.  And we will constantly “check the process” along the way.  Because we have not simply sold you something you may or may not need, but instead have developed Our Relationship, your needs will be continually met.


Are you ready to begin Our Process today?

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